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How I Use Trello to Organize My Business

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Staying organized is so important when it comes to running a business. I use several different ways in order to help me do this, one of those being Trello! Trello is a free program that allows you to separate your projects into different boards and collaborate with others, and it’s made such a big difference in my business’ workflow since I started using it a couple of years ago!

Trello doesn’t take the place of a physical planner for me (I use this one!), but I love using the checklist features on it. It’s also super helpful for me when planning blog posts and other content for my website!

trello business organization | alison plueckhahn photography

Here’s an overview of my Trello dashboard. As you can see, I have several different boards for the different things I’m involved in!

The boards I use most often are at the top in the “Starred Boards” category. I have a board for my photography business, podcast, and for my sorority’s PR team. The boards for the podcast and my sorority are also group boards, meaning other people have access to everything on there as well!

trello business organization | alison plueckhahn photography

When you navigate to a particular board, this is what you’ll see! You can split this up even further into smaller boards, each with their own title. Some of the ones I have are my current clients (split up by year), past clients, blog post ideas, freebie ideas, etc.!

Then, you can add “cards” to each of these boards. I’ll make a card for each client with information about their session (location, the package they booked, session date, etc.) in the card description.

trello business organization | alison plueckhahn photography

Within the card, I’ll create a checklist like in the image above! This is super helpful for weddings that have a lot of steps that I need to keep track of (such as scheduling their engagement session, sending the final gallery, ordering the album, etc.). You can also copy a card then change the information so you don’t have to re-type the checklist each time!

Sometimes I’ll use the Due Date feature on Trello as well! I can make a card due at a specific time, and it’ll send me an alert to remind me to do it. I use this most often when planning blog posts to help me stay on track with my scheduled content!

Have you used Trello before? If not, what are some ways you stay organized in your business?