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WELCOME, I'M Alison!

Maybe you’re a small business owner, blogger, or mom, and you’ve been looking for ways to document your life, work, or products using the camera you already own—the one on your phone! Or maybe you were like me a few years ago, knowing how to use your fancy DSLR camera but refusing to let your […]

Up until about my sophomore year of high school, I shot in either Automatic mode or Aperture priority mode on my camera. I was happy enough with my final images, but I could never get my images to look great straight out of the camera. I knew the only way to fix that was to learn how […]

About two years ago, I decided I wanted to take my photography business up a notch. For me, this looked like sharing about my photography business on Instagram and promoting it to potential clients and friends. But that’s when I made a big mistake: I separated my photography and my personal posts into two separate accounts. While […]

I got my first DSLR camera about eight years ago, and I was so eager to jump right into all things photography! I bought books, watched YouTube videos, and asking all my friends and family to model for me so I could get better. Little by little, I improved enough to the point where people started asking me to take their photos. That little hobby of mine has developed into a full-fledged business that I hope to take full-time after I graduate from college.

I’m not gonna lie— there were times in high school where I thought there was no way I’d ever be able to make it as a wedding & portrait photographer because of how introverted I am. I used to seriously struggle to get through a senior shoot without long, awkward pauses that made for an uncomfortable session experience for both me AND my client.

I wanted to tackle the whole cohesive Instagram feed because it’s something that has been SUCH a struggle for me and one that I just recently felt like I’ve sorta gotten a handle on (and I’ve by no means reached the level of cohesiveness I desire for my feed)! I used to think that editing everything using the same settings or preset was enough to make my feed look cohesive, but I just kept coming away disappointed. There’s actually a whole lot more that goes into it!

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my photography. I’ll scroll through Instagram and see photo after photo from photographers who I deeply admire, then immediately start comparing my work to theirs. We are always our worst critic, so I’m sure you can imagine that the whole comparison thing doesn’t really make me feel too good about my work. I think it’s a really great thing to find inspiration in other photographers’ work, but we seem to forget that they once were beginners. They once took horrible photos or put an ugly preset on a photo or couldn’t quite master focusing.

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