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WELCOME, I'M Alison!

I wrote this post my freshman year of college when I was in the midst of a season of pretty severe anxiety. Since I published it on my old blog which doesn’t get used very often, I thought I would move it over to this site. It’s still so relevant, and I still need to be reminded of the things God was teaching me back then.

I have absolutely loved my time so far in college, but I must say, it’s brought some not-so-positive characteristics of mine to the surface. Characteristics that weren’t so noticeable in high school have been intensified in college, probably brought on by the lack of sleep and way too much caffeine. I sometimes find myself impatient, judgmental, apathetic to the struggles of others, and many other things I don’t want to admit. God in his grace reveals those things to me, leading me to repentance, but I’m still not proud of those ugly parts of my heart.

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