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Welcome to my blog—my journal about my recent work, faith, wedding planning tips, and education for photographers. Grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile!

WELCOME, I'M Alison!

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I know you’re ready to jump straight into the fun stuff like choosing a venue or trying on wedding dresses, but there’s one thing you have to tackle first… Your wedding budget.

Bride and groom in wildflower field

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First of all, CONGRATS on your recent engagement! This season of life is so special, and I’m so excited for you! I’m sure your mind is already racing with all the things that need to be planned, and the first thing to tackle is finding your vendors! To make this a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Dallas wedding vendors—from venues, to florists, to planners!—to give you a great place to get started!

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One of my favorite types of sessions are bridal portraits! I just love this Southern tradition and think it’s such a fun thing to incorporate into your wedding photography experience. Your wedding day will go by so quickly, and sometimes the timeline doesn’t allow us a ton of portrait time! That’s why I love having an opportunity to work with you one-on-one to take some gorgeous images of you in a stress-free environment!

Tips for Preparing for Your Bridal Session

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I can’t even begin to tell you how many newly-engaged girls have reached out to me for their wedding photography and shared that they’re feeling super overwhelmed by the planning process. Maybe they don’t have the time to figure everything out on their own, or maybe they don’t even know where to begin!

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Figuring out your outfits for your engagement session can be so hard!! There are so many options out there, and most people don’t know what will look most flattering on camera! I have a guide that I send to all of my brides before their engagement session begins to help answer that “What do I […]

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2019 was so good to me. There were some tough and scary seasons (but what year doesn’t have those?), but 2019 was filled with so much joy, purpose, and excitement. This past year was full of huge life changes and milestone moments. I graduated from college, moved to Dallas, went full time with my business, went to Iceland, planned our wedding, and got married! As some of you know, I struggle with anxiety and I half expected to have to deal with that a lot this year with all the big changes, but by the grace of God, I didn’t! Normally, when the end of the year comes, I focus more on what lies ahead in the following 365 days rather than what just happened. But this year was different. I think for the first time in a long time, I slowed down and took a second to appreciate and give thanks for all the blessings God brought in 2019.

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One of the parts of wedding planning that I was most excited about was registering for things for our new home! I love online shopping so I thought it would be such a piece of cake!! But turns out, figuring out what to register for is a lot harder than you might have imagined! You have to brainstorm all the things you might need for your new home (and a few fun things you want too!). You also have to keep in mind who the people are that you’ve invited to your wedding—if you have lots of friends who just graduated college like we did, you’re going to want to have plenty of gift options in a lower price range! We registered on Zola (where we had our wedding website as well) and Target. I highly recommend using Zola because it allows you to add items from their store (where they have discounts on products from their partners, like Crate & Barrel) and you can add any other item you want from other stores!

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Whenever I’m chatting with a potential bride on the phone or over a cup of coffee, a common question comes up.

“So… what does the wedding photography process even look like?”

And this is a totally valid question. Every photographer seems to have a different way of doing things, so I think it’s great to know what to expect on the front end!

I’ll try to keep this post from being too wordy, but providing an outstanding experience is something I’m really passionate about. Because this is your WEDDING we’re talking about here! The best day of your life! The day that marks the start of your marriage!

I’ve worked with a lot of different photographers over the years (whether working as an associate photographer or being in front of the camera myself), so I’ve seen a lot of different approaches. My years of photography experience, coupled with being a bride myself, has seriously shaped the experience I want to provide for each and every one of my couples so they have the BEST day possible.

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Even though I still have three weddings left to shoot in 2019, I thought it would be so fun to share my 5 favorite Dallas wedding venues I’ve shot at this year! With so many engagements happening this time of year, it’s also time for couples to start searching for a venue for their big day!

When we were planning our wedding, I was honestly kind of overwhelmed by all the amazing venue options out there! Fortunately we were able to find our venue really quickly (and my job as a wedding photographer definitely helped make that a little easier, haha!), but I completely understand that finding the perfect venue can be a little bit daunting!

In no particular order, here are my 5 favorite Dallas wedding venues that I’ve photographed at this year!

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