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WELCOME, I'M Alison!

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Emilee & Connor’s cozy wedding at Dove Ridge Vineyard in Weatherford, Texas, was the perfect way to do a southern winter wedding.

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I’m finally back with Part 3 of 3 of our wedding recap! If you missed the earlier posts, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here! Today I’m sharing a few images from our honeymoon in Maine!

Hudson and I had talked about going to Canada for our honeymoon and visiting some of the national parks up there, but once we set our date for November, we decided to reconsider our options 😂 Neither of us are really beach people either, so we were struggling to think of someplace to go that wasn’t tropical and wouldn’t be freezing cold!

Hudson’s parents’ had visited Kennebunk, Maine before and suggested it when we were brainstorming some ideas, and it was the perfect option for us! We stayed at the beautiful White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport and it was absolute perfection!!! The weather was a bit chilly, but it was typically a high of 40°F each day which we loved!

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One of the parts of wedding planning that I was most excited about was registering for things for our new home! I love online shopping so I thought it would be such a piece of cake!! But turns out, figuring out what to register for is a lot harder than you might have imagined! You have to brainstorm all the things you might need for your new home (and a few fun things you want too!). You also have to keep in mind who the people are that you’ve invited to your wedding—if you have lots of friends who just graduated college like we did, you’re going to want to have plenty of gift options in a lower price range! We registered on Zola (where we had our wedding website as well) and Target. I highly recommend using Zola because it allows you to add items from their store (where they have discounts on products from their partners, like Crate & Barrel) and you can add any other item you want from other stores!

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Whenever I’m chatting with a potential bride on the phone or over a cup of coffee, a common question comes up.

“So… what does the wedding photography process even look like?”

And this is a totally valid question. Every photographer seems to have a different way of doing things, so I think it’s great to know what to expect on the front end!

I’ll try to keep this post from being too wordy, but providing an outstanding experience is something I’m really passionate about. Because this is your WEDDING we’re talking about here! The best day of your life! The day that marks the start of your marriage!

I’ve worked with a lot of different photographers over the years (whether working as an associate photographer or being in front of the camera myself), so I’ve seen a lot of different approaches. My years of photography experience, coupled with being a bride myself, has seriously shaped the experience I want to provide for each and every one of my couples so they have the BEST day possible.

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Maggie & Brett’s wedding was so much fun for so many different reasons!! First of all, it was so cool (and kinda strange!) to be back at The Grand Ivory less than a month after our own wedding there! I just love this venue so much (obviously, lol), and I loved seeing how another couple made it their own for their wedding day!

Secondly, I got to second shoot for my friend Courtney! We met back in the summer and I’ve loved that I got to work with her again! Connecting with other photographers and wedding vendors is one of my favorite things!!!

And last but certainly not least, Maggie, Brett, and both their families were SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! You’ve gotta keep scrolling to the end so you can see Maggie’s amazing father-daughter dance!

Not only were Maggie & Brett so much fun to be around, but they had one of the sweetest first looks I’ve ever seen. They read each other letters, and even though I couldn’t hear what they were saying to one another, the love between them was so apparent that I started tearing up a bit! 😂

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To me, there is no better compliment than when a member of a wedding party chooses to hire me for their own wedding! I first met Ann Marie when she was the maid-of-honor at Bri & Preston’s wedding in November, and I was so excited when she reached out to me a couple weeks later about shooting her wedding in August!

Even though I’d already met and talked on the phone with Ann Marie before, I loved getting the chance to spend time with her and Cade during their engagement session! While engagement sessions are always so much fun (and a great opportunity to get some beautiful images & get used to being in front of my camera), I truly treasure this time to get to know my couples!

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Even though I still have three weddings left to shoot in 2019, I thought it would be so fun to share my 5 favorite Dallas wedding venues I’ve shot at this year! With so many engagements happening this time of year, it’s also time for couples to start searching for a venue for their big day!

When we were planning our wedding, I was honestly kind of overwhelmed by all the amazing venue options out there! Fortunately we were able to find our venue really quickly (and my job as a wedding photographer definitely helped make that a little easier, haha!), but I completely understand that finding the perfect venue can be a little bit daunting!

In no particular order, here are my 5 favorite Dallas wedding venues that I’ve photographed at this year!

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Hope you’re not sick of wedding images from The Olana yet (but how could you be?! This venue is amazing!)! I am such a sucker for a neutral color palette, and it just doesn’t get better than black, white, gold, and greenery! I love this for a winter wedding (especially NYE!) or really for any time of the year! It just looks so perfectly elegant and classic.

I think my favorite part though has to be the bride & groom details! Unfortunately, I think these little detail shots often don’t get the time and attention they deserve on a wedding day because they aren’t a huge priority for everyone. And that’s okay! But images of the small things like the delicate pearl bracelet or the perfume you wore on your wedding day are so important. These small, sentimental details help make your day unique to you!

Okay enough of my rambling! Check out some of my favorites from this black tie wedding at The Olana below!

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Courtney & Zach’s wedding at the Trinity River Audubon Center was STUNNING. Zach is an architect, so it made perfect sense why they would choose this venue for their big day! The building itself was amazing and had such an interesting, modern design to it. But to make it even better, it’s located on a nature preserve! The whole area around the building was full of trees, grasses, and wildlife. Plus, the area where the reception was held had a wall of windows that really brought the outdoors inside!

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