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4 Days to Better iPhone Photos

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Maybe you’re a small business owner, blogger, or mom, and you’ve been looking for ways to document your life, work, or products using the camera you already own—the one on your phone! Or maybe you were like me a few years ago, knowing how to use your fancy DSLR camera but refusing to let your iPhone photos ever see the light of day!

Guess what? You don’t have to be a professional photographer in order to capture GORGEOUS photos right on your phone! Most phones these days have amazing cameras on them, and with some basic knowledge about light, composition, and editing, you can take your iPhone photography to a whole new level.

Back in June, I went to Iceland with two of my friends (a.k.a. the most photogenic place on the planet!). But in the airport on our way there, I somehow managed to misplace ALL of my camera memory cards and my camera’s battery charger.

Because I had to save space on my memory cards and conserve battery power, I used my iPhone to take the vast majority of my photos from that trip using the mobile photography tips I’m about to teach you!

Because I’m confident that I can take beautiful photos right on the camera that fits in my back pocket, I was able to document so many precious memories from my trip that I otherwise would have missed. Many of those photos are now printed and hanging in frames around my house!

So, friend, you’re invited. Join my free 4-day challenge to better phone photos! 📱 I’ll teach you the basics of photography and lighting and show you how to use those techniques when taking pictures. I’ll also teach you how I edit my photos right on my phone (no expensive software or editing programs required!) and get gorgeous, light & airy images every time!

Your mobile photography tips will be delivered straight to your inbox on the daily! 💌 I can’t wait to get started!!

Sign up for my free challenge and take better phone photos in just four days! Learn photography basics and how to edit your pictures with my iPhone photography tips!